1. We need to develop a better way of sharing the data for analysis
  2. Develop a uniform checklist for scouting the pits to determine a teams strengths and capabilities
  3. A program is needed that takes advantage of Blue Alliance data and merge it with our own data. Offseason we need to get some people looking at the new API for next year
  1. Pit Administration
    A Pit captain position needs to be created to make sure we have the right people in the pit at all times. They also need to control it so there are not too many people in the pits as well.

Drive Team

  1. Develop a better way to communicate our robots capabilities to other alliance members so they know how to interact with our robot.
  2. Take videos of matches for post match analysis to learn what went well and what can be improved
  3. Pre-scout alliance members to know their robot’s abilities so we can negotiate who is going to do what


  1. Better use of CAD to document our robot and be able to quickly replace parts
  2. Make sure we have strain relief in wiring runs so wires don’t break
  3. Document the design process in a journal so we don’t revisit things we already tried


  1. Our robot was too slow in it’s movements. We need to speed it up.
  2. Offseason training is needed to allow testing of other technologies like imaging,swerve control, lidar, etc.

Overall Team communication and accountability

  1. Students need to be accountable to make sure tasks are performed even when they miss a session.
  2. Create a better way to share documents and information between team members.This includes what has been completed as well as what needs to be done next. A potential solution discussed was the creation of a team wiki