2019 Destination: Deep Space Lessons Learned

Overall Improvements:

  1. We need to follow through with goals/objectives we set for ourselves during off-season and competition season
  2. Improve time management and scheduling
  3. Revise and refine team’s composition or organizational structure
  4. Create static sub-teams
  5. Minimize and/or eliminate excursions to BP gas station
  6. Begin scouting during the OFF-SEASON

Business Team:

  1. Begin working on Chairman’s award during the summer
  2. Follow up on the business plan
  3. Do not show the Chairman’s video during the presentation
  4. Utilize business book efficiently while in the pit

Competition Etiquette and Strategies:

  1. Implement a pit management system (with Excel spreadsheet, communication, etc)
  2. Develop a pit layout of where tools and objects should be placed
  3. BE RESPECTFUL AND OBEDIENT to the safety captain
  4. Enhance drive team communication methodology/system

Sub-team Improvements:

  1. Less focus on mechanical sub-team; enforce stricter timeline upon the mechanisms
  2. Incorporate the control systems and business sub-teams in the discussion about mechanical progress–KEEP THEM UPDATED!